Is it really just a haircut?

life10-90It was just last week that I told a friend of mine that I was going to get a big haircut that coming Thursday. And she asked me what sort of style I would be getting, when I told her like Amira Ahmed and she looked at her pictures, she told me that it was brave of me. I hadn’t heard that before – probably because I hadn’t told many people that I was getting my hair cut so differently (it was collarbone length before) but hearing that I was being brave for the first time made me think a little bit more about it. I hadn’t really thought about it much before because to me, it wasn’t a big deal, it was just an action that I was finally going to take after deliberating over it for years like Hamlet.

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Stand Firm and Keep Going!


So I realise it’s now been three days since I posted which is actually terrible seeing as my goal was to post everyday on this blog. But for the past few days, to be very honest, I have been feeling really exhausted and therefore demotivated to do anything. I had a big project (that I set for myself) that I began I was researching all about it every day because I loved the idea of it and I loved learning about it but for the past few days I haven’t done any research at all. Things just haven’t been going very well and it was what I learnt this Sunday morning that put perspective on things.

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Save Money on Your Eye Makeup Remover

At first
I woke up at somewhere around half 4 and was feeling really thirsty (not unusual lately, everything feels dry). I was trying hard last night to keep my face off my pillow because I’ve been taking extra extra care of my skin lately. I did extra moisture care for my hair before I went to sleep as well because it’s been so dry lately as well. I went to the hair salon last week and the beautician said she could see my hair needed moisture as soon as she looked at it. I’m usually not a sensitive person but that was like a bitch slap to the face, only because she knew exactly what she was talking about as a black beautician. And because I thought my hair looked cute and curly that day. But yeah, everything’s just been so dry lately. It’s never been so severe, I actually considered that my body was giving up on me yesterday. If anyone has some advice for me on this topic of dryness, I would be so grateful. I’m doing a lot of research on it nowadays.

Yeah, so because I couldn’t back to sleep last night, I wrote a little as I stayed awake in my bed listening to Radiohead.

Eye Makeup Remover
But anyway, focusing on today’s topic of beauty, I’d like to introduce another way to save money on a skin care product. Years ago when I first started using eye makeup remover, I immediately went to look on the high end of things. I remember that I simply looked around Clarins in Debenhams because upon previously being there with my friend, we had received such awesome customer service and free samples of a cream and I was really impressed with that. On this certain visit to Clarins, I came across an eye makeup remover that looked pretty cool: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover at £17. It had two solutions in the one bottle that you would shake to mix up and then apply that to your eye area. So I bought it.

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The Best Make-up Remover!

For some skin care and make up products, you really don’t have to spend £30 on a high-end product for the better quality. Unlike foundations, concealer and such, I would definitely say that there are products you can save a lot of money on by buying drugstore brands because they are just as great quality as their high-end counterparts. One of these is the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil! This just may be the greatest make-up remover I’ve ever used.


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