Favourite Perfume Reviews (and perfume tips!!)

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Hi guys, I’m back with another post, this time on perfume, my top three favourites and tips on storing and applying perfume!

I’ve been really into perfume for a good year now and it’s the number one thing I save up for and invest in.Read More »


Review | Estée Lauder Kendall Jenner Restless Lipstick

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Hi guys!

I’m back with another makeup review and today I’m reviewing Estée Lauder’s new addition: Kendall Jenner’s Restless lipstick.

So, I had seen this lipstick on other beauty bloggers and I thought it looked great and I was really looking forward to getting it and was so happy when it arrived earlier on this week. But after it arrived and I tried it out, I had to go on a bit of a journey with this lipstick before I could confidently write my review on it. Thus the further hold off on publishing this post. I’m a perfectionist, sorry. :3

20150715_165441-tileeditRead More »

Review | Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

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I first heard about his foundation, probably two years ago when a favourite youtuber of mine recommended it for coverage. Recently, I finally got myself a sample and then purchased the bottle. This foundation makes some pretty impressive claims:

  • Lasts 15 hours (even in high humidity)
  • Non-transferable
  • Oil-free
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Dermatologist and Opthamologist-tested

Well, this could not have been any better a time of year to see if this foundation lives up to everything it claims to be. It’s been really hot and humid here in England recently so, let’s get started!Read More »

Review | Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon shade #5 Make a Statement

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So today I want to share with you my absolute favourite drugstore lipstick of the moment: Barry M’s Matte Me Up Lip Crayon in shade #5 Make a Statement. This collection also has some nice nudes tones as well.

I bought this lip crayon not too long ago as I was loving Kylie Jenner’s matte lip look and I wanted to see if I could find something similar for a smaller price.  Weirdly, a lot of “matte” lipsticks aren’t really matte and are more on the shiny side, but this one has proven to be everything it claims to be.Read More »

Save Money on Your Eye Makeup Remover

At first
I woke up at somewhere around half 4 and was feeling really thirsty (not unusual lately, everything feels dry). I was trying hard last night to keep my face off my pillow because I’ve been taking extra extra care of my skin lately. I did extra moisture care for my hair before I went to sleep as well because it’s been so dry lately as well. I went to the hair salon last week and the beautician said she could see my hair needed moisture as soon as she looked at it. I’m usually not a sensitive person but that was like a bitch slap to the face, only because she knew exactly what she was talking about as a black beautician. And because I thought my hair looked cute and curly that day. But yeah, everything’s just been so dry lately. It’s never been so severe, I actually considered that my body was giving up on me yesterday. If anyone has some advice for me on this topic of dryness, I would be so grateful. I’m doing a lot of research on it nowadays.

Yeah, so because I couldn’t back to sleep last night, I wrote a little as I stayed awake in my bed listening to Radiohead.

Eye Makeup Remover
But anyway, focusing on today’s topic of beauty, I’d like to introduce another way to save money on a skin care product. Years ago when I first started using eye makeup remover, I immediately went to look on the high end of things. I remember that I simply looked around Clarins in Debenhams because upon previously being there with my friend, we had received such awesome customer service and free samples of a cream and I was really impressed with that. On this certain visit to Clarins, I came across an eye makeup remover that looked pretty cool: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover at £17. It had two solutions in the one bottle that you would shake to mix up and then apply that to your eye area. So I bought it.

Read More »