Life-changing Lip Balm: Collection’s Green Apple, Pink Strawberry and Orange Burst

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Today, I’m going to share with you something that I swear by. It’s so convenient, it has such great value and it is literally the greatest lip balm I’ve ever had.


For years now (probably for as long as I can remember) I have struggled with chapped lips. No matter what time of year it was, whether it was really hot or in the middle of winter, I would struggle with dry, chapped lips and I’d be constantly trying out all these different lip balms that wouldn’t last probably even an hour so I’d be constantly putting those lip balms on. Eventually I came to always putting on Vaseline on my lips but you know with such a petroleum based product like that it only masks the problem of dryness but I feel like this lip balm actually moisturises my lips and it lasts all day! And all night! I would literally put it on in the morning then apply any lips colours/ lipstick and I would not have to re-apply any kind of moisture on my lips until at the end of the day when I take off my lipstick. And when I put it on at night, I wake up and my lips are still wonderfully moist. I don’t even need to exfoliate my lips as often because this lip balm has literally changed my life around.

I like to wear lipstick, literally almost all the time when I’m wearing makeup so of course, I needed smooth lips and to improve the health of them. This lip balm did just that.

img cr: collectioncosmetucs
img cr: collectioncosmetics

Now, there are 3 different “flavours” of this lip balm. There is the pink strawberry, green apple and orange burst. The three of these smell just as fruity as they’re named. I especially love the delicious smell of the green apple lip balm. The aspect that makes the pink strawberry stand out in this collection is it’s rich pink colour with a nice glossy finish. Combine this with lip gloss and omg ~ perfect! I originally bought the green apple which has a wonderful scent but is colourless, so when I out on the pink strawberry, I was pleasantly surprised at it’s rich colouring. Because this one isn’t just a lip balm to moisturise your lips, you wear it as a lip colour as well and it lasts such a long time. It’s amazing. The orange burst is also similar in it’s rich colour, although I don’t have it in my position because when I swatched it, I found the colour really did not go well with my darker skin tone but I can imagine it would look great on someone with a lighter skin tone.

This is the Pink Strawberry
This is the Pink Strawberry


What’s even greater is that Collection’s prices are at such great value so you can get this at Boots or Superdrug for just £2! SO there’s no need to spend all that extra money on brands like EOS. You’re saved!

For ultimate moisture to your lips:

  • At night before you go to bed, exfoliate your lips by brushing them with a tooth brush (make sure to get near the corners as well).
  • Then, apply one of these lip balms and when you wake up, your lips will be wonderfully smooth and moisturised.

Get your hands on them here!:


Have you tried these already? What did you think? Leave a comment down below!

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