Save Money on Your Eye Makeup Remover

At first
I woke up at somewhere around half 4 and was feeling really thirsty (not unusual lately, everything feels dry). I was trying hard last night to keep my face off my pillow because I’ve been taking extra extra care of my skin lately. I did extra moisture care for my hair before I went to sleep as well because it’s been so dry lately as well. I went to the hair salon last week and the beautician said she could see my hair needed moisture as soon as she looked at it. I’m usually not a sensitive person but that was like a bitch slap to the face, only because she knew exactly what she was talking about as a black beautician. And because I thought my hair looked cute and curly that day. But yeah, everything’s just been so dry lately. It’s never been so severe, I actually considered that my body was giving up on me yesterday. If anyone has some advice for me on this topic of dryness, I would be so grateful. I’m doing a lot of research on it nowadays.

Yeah, so because I couldn’t back to sleep last night, I wrote a little as I stayed awake in my bed listening to Radiohead.

Eye Makeup Remover
But anyway, focusing on today’s topic of beauty, I’d like to introduce another way to save money on a skin care product. Years ago when I first started using eye makeup remover, I immediately went to look on the high end of things. I remember that I simply looked around Clarins in Debenhams because upon previously being there with my friend, we had received such awesome customer service and free samples of a cream and I was really impressed with that. On this certain visit to Clarins, I came across an eye makeup remover that looked pretty cool: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover at £17. It had two solutions in the one bottle that you would shake to mix up and then apply that to your eye area. So I bought it.

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The Best Make-up Remover!

For some skin care and make up products, you really don’t have to spend £30 on a high-end product for the better quality. Unlike foundations, concealer and such, I would definitely say that there are products you can save a lot of money on by buying drugstore brands because they are just as great quality as their high-end counterparts. One of these is the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil! This just may be the greatest make-up remover I’ve ever used.


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My Failure in Going to South Korea

It’s 19th June and I’m still at home in the UK. I should have been in South Korea by now. Heck I should have been in Korea a long time ago if I look at the first time I failed in my plans to travel to Korea.

When people ask me if I’m going to South Korea or when I’m going or if I’m already there, I get that tired feeling of looking over my entire situation in the past year and a half of my life and having to explain the situation. It’s tiring. It reminds me of all the frustrations and tears and dramatic sighs and disappointment after disappointment that I’ve faced in the past few months. And then I tell these people something short and sweet that’s not exactly the truth but it’s a vague summary of what happened in the past few months so that they’d accept the news and not ask any more questions. Because that’s what I’ve done recently, finally after going back and forth between anger, shock, confusion, panic, and depression, I’ve finally found acceptance. I can tell you how I’ve done that but that’s a whole other blog post because it’s deep. Really deep.

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A Warm Welcome to Epiphany Like White.

Welcome to Epiphany Like White, my new and improved life blog, filled vibrantly with life. Some readers might know me from my previous blog, Tiny Child’s Voice, but that became less and less eventful and I lost the motivation to up keep it. The truth is, that blog was really about me being a child inside a not-so-child’s body and dealing with growing up and facing more and more responsibility. However, I am not a child anymore. I have been through things in the year of 2015 that has made me grow up in ways I hadn’t imagined. I still have a way to grow but I am taking my journey as an adult and as a Christian, I am finding my way with Jesus to help me. I’ve learnt not to compare myself to others and where they are in life because that is so demotivating to me. I was look at Zelo of B.A.P and jokingly think that he was like 16 and he was already travelling the world as a big talented star and eventually, I would look at my peers in uni and other people who I came across that were the same age as me and I would feel like such a baby. They were all seemingly wise beyond their years, independent, doing what they wanted to do in life and then there was me with no clue what I wanted, finding myself at dead end after dead end after dead end but I found none of that matters. I do have things I want to do and I will do them. I may not be at the place I want to be right now but I am not at the place where I was. And I will get to where I want to be in time. I will become the adult that I want to be through my journey. Everyone has a journey. It doesn’t matter what the next person is doing. I am me and I’m doing my thing. I’ll let them do theirs. And that leaves me with so much comfort to stop and look at how far I have come and look forward to each day when I wake up in the morning.

It is like an epiphany. A brand new beginning, having seen the light. This blog is a part of my new insightful and joyful beginning. I don’t want to complain. I want to bring joy and revelations I have found into people’s lives. Life doesn’t have to be so hard if we have the right attitude. If we’re there for each other and have support, we can face the darkest times of our lives and still feel like we’re going to be okay.

Welcome to my epiphany.